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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Laughing Lotus

Chona and I went to the Friday Midnight yoga at Laughing Lotus Yoga. We come into the room which is lined with candles...the room is dimly lit, and the musicians are setting up to perform while we do our yoga. The class starts, and the instructor talks alittle about how awesome the band is, and had discovered them at a gig at Joe's Pub. The singer has an amazing voice.

So the Vinyasa starts. I know I'm in a class with advanced people, and I'm the least advanced. Oh, and there was a photographer there most of time taking photographs of the session. (This was strange, and alittle annoying...but had to focus.) It was a great flow, but hard to keep up with the advance people. I was sweating, it was very challenging but in a good way.

After 2 hours, we had some free chai tea which was delicious! I went and bought a box of the same tea the next day. Oh this yoga class was wonderful!!!!!


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

The yoga instructor was probably nice that day cuz photographers were in the room. Any person that rolls into a pretzel to impress others at parties should not be teaching yoga. She didn't even walk us through the pretzel pose, just showed us what it looked like.


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