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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Levitate Yoga

This is a midtown (around Times Square) yoga center, which has beautiful wood floors, and nice lighting. I came early and apparently got the best seat in the house...not in the direct heat of the sun...which Lori got stuck with. It was a Vinyasa Yoga studio. The flow of the teacher wasn't great, but she DID break down some complicated poses that I have NEVER been able to do, and actually was able to get into with her guidance YEAH! So I liked the class.

But I look over at Lori...Do you know the face that Lori makes when she's just kinda frozen and wants to get the hell out of the situation she is in? Well that was her face, just wanting to get out because the room is very warm from the sun, and there is no shades for the windows, it's too loud outside to keep the windows open, and no fan. She ended up leaving the class early, she looks over at me, and makes this gesture like, "this is crazy hot, I got to get the hell out of here".

I however was focused and managed to learn some new things.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Lori said...

Everything Kyung writes is true. I did have a grimace in this class; wide-open eyes, mouth slightly open frozen, scrunched brow. Kyung does a great impression of most of our prized disapproving looks. So, grimace makers beware. She has us all down and at any moment she has the ability to turn and use them against us! A special warning goes out to Hannah -- Kyung has mastered your famous two-step look: 1) lock eyes 2) look away with scorn. :)

Oh yes, the yoga class. The teacher was fine, the space was fine, and the staff was pretty friendly… what went wrong? It was plain stuffy. I must be on my way to a cranky old lady if that’s what’s stopping me from enjoying yoga classes. The room was stuffy and hot. The windows were shut and there was no air circulation. I looked over at my arm and did remember giving blood earlier at the doctor’s office. Could that be the source of my light-headedness? Another unsolved mystery.

I will say this. Being in New York City (with a population of 8,104,079 in July 2004) has made me want to find comfortable, uncrowded space whether it is at a bar, restaurant or yoga class. I am starting to go down the path to a very scary place: early morning rises and early bird specials. Please someone send in the shrink.


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